At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper

Periodical: Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper

History: Published weekly on Saturdays, price 1d. Continued by Cassell's Magazine.

References: British Library (1853-67; incomplete); DNCJ; National Library of Scotland

Novels and short stories serialized in Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper:

  1. Harriet Maria Smythies. Hope Evermore. 20 March-27 November 1858 (weekly).
  2. Harriet Maria Smythies. Left to Themselves. 31 December 1859-7 July 1860 (weekly).
  3. Anthony Trollope. "An Unprotected Female at the Pyramids." Tales of All Countries. 6-13 October 1860 (weekly).
  4. Anthony Trollope. "The Château of Prince Polignac." Tales of All Countries. 20-27 October 1860 (weekly).
  5. Anthony Trollope. "Miss Sarah Jack of Spanish Town, Jamaica." Tales of All Countries. 3-10 November 1860 (weekly).
  6. Anthony Trollope. "John Bull on the Guadalquivir." Tales of All Countries. 17-24 November 1860 (weekly).
  7. Harriet Beecher Stowe. The Pearl of Orr's Island. 2 February-11 May 1861 and 1 February-24 May 1862 (weekly).
  8. Capt. Mayne Reid. The Maroon. 18 January-19 July 1862 (weekly).
  9. Earnes Irving. Catherine's Marriage. 20 June-24 October 1863 (weekly).
  10. Richard Doddridge Blackmore. Clara Vaughan. 12 March-6 August 1864 (weekly).
  11. John Saunders. Bound to the Wheel. 12 April 1865-28 April 1866 (weekly).
  12. John Saunders. The Lion in the Path. 1 September 1866-9 March 1867 (weekly).