At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: The Sunday Magazine for Family Reading

Periodical: The Sunday Magazine for Family Reading

History: Published monthly.

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Novels and short stories serialized in The Sunday Magazine for Family Reading:

  1. George MacDonald. Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood. October 1865-September 1866 (monthly).
  2. Isabella Mayo. The Occupations of a Retired Life. October 1867-September 1868 (monthly).
  3. George MacDonald. The Seaboard Parish. October 1867-September 1868 (monthly).
  4. Isabella Mayo. The Crust and the Cake. October 1868-September 1869 (monthly).
  5. Katharine Sarah Macquoid. Forgotten by the World. October 1868-September 1869 (monthly).
  6. Richard Rowe. Episodes in an Obscure Life. October 1869-September 1870 (monthly).
  7. William Gilbert. The Inquisitor. October 1869-September 1870 (monthly).
  8. George MacDonald. The Vicar's Daughter. October 1871-September 1872 (monthly).
  9. Christina Catherine Fraser Tytler. Margaret. October 1871-September 1872 (monthly).
  10. Isabella Mayo. Premiums Paid to Experience. October 1871-August 1872 (monthly).
  11. Elizabeth Rundle Charles. Against the Stream. December 1872-September 1873 (monthly).
  12. Isabella Mayo. Crooked Places. October 1872-September 1873 (monthly).
  13. Henrietta Keddie. Sukie's Boy. October 1873-January 1874 (monthly).
  14. Isabella Mayo. By Still Waters. January-June 1874 (monthly).
  15. Ellen Wood. Bessy Wells. October 1874-January 1875 (monthly).
  16. Janet Milne Rae. Hartleigh Towers. October 1876-October 1877 (monthly).
  17. Hesba Stretton. Through a Needle's Eye. October 1877-June 1878 (monthly).
  18. Isabella Mayo. The House by the Works. May-October 1878 (monthly).
  19. Hesba Stretton. In Prison and Out. April-September 1879 (monthly).
  20. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade. Andrew Harvey's Wife. October 1879-February 1880 (monthly).
  21. Sarah Doudney. Thy Heart's Desire. April-September 1880 (monthly).
  22. Deborah Alcock. The Roman Students. October 1880-April 1881 (monthly).
  23. Hesba Stretton. Cobwebs and Cables. January-August 1881 (monthly).
  24. George MacDonald. Weighed and Wanting. January-December 1882 (monthly).
  25. Olive Mary Birrell. Justice Warren's Daughter. January-June 1882 (monthly).
  26. Sarah Doudney. What's in a Name?. July-December 1882 (monthly).
  27. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade. How It All Came Round. January-September 1883 (monthly).
  28. Hesba Stretton. Carola. January-June 1884 (monthly).
  29. Isabella Mayo. At Any Cost. July-December 1884 (monthly).
  30. Benjamin Leopold Farjeon. The Tragedy of Featherstone. January-December 1885 (monthly).
  31. Georgina Castle Smith. Dinah Mite. January-April 1886 (monthly).
  32. Mary Jane Linskill. In Exchange for a Soul. January-December 1887 (monthly).
  33. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade. Daddy's Boy. April-December 1887 (monthly).
  34. Georgina Castle Smith. The Shepherd's Darling. January-September 1887 (monthly).
  35. Benjamin Leopold Farjeon. Toilers of Babylon. January-December 1888 (monthly).
  36. George MacDonald. The Elect Lady. January-June 1888 (monthly).
  37. Mary Bradford Whiting. Stronger Than Fate. July-December 1888 (monthly).
  38. Amelia E. Barr. Woven of Love and Glory. January-December 1889 (monthly).
  39. Isabella Mayo. Rab Bethune's Double. January-December 1889 (monthly).
  40. Annie S. Swan. Maitland of Laurieston. January-December 1890 (monthly).
  41. Silas Kitto Hocking. Rex Raynor, Artist. March-September 1890 (monthly).
  42. Evelyn Whitaker. Zoe. January-March 1890 (monthly).
  43. Sarah Doudney. Godiva Durleigh. January-December 1891 (monthly).
  44. Evelyn Whitaker. Pris. November-December 1891 (monthly).
  45. Hesba Stretton. Half Brothers. January-December 1892 (monthly).
  46. Silas Kitto Hocking. One in Charity. January-December 1893 (monthly).
  47. Christabel Rose Coleridge. The Tender Mercies of the Good. January-December 1895 (monthly).
  48. Emma Marshall. Lady Rosalind. January-December 1896 (monthly).
  49. William James Dawson. The Story of Hannah. January-December 1896 (monthly).
  50. Annie E. Holdsworth. The Gods Arrive. January-December 1897 (monthly).
  51. Sabine Baring-Gould. Perpetua. January-December 1897 (monthly).
  52. Mary Louisa Molesworth. The Laurel Walk. January-December 1898 (monthly).
  53. Annie S. Swan. At the Eleventh Hour. January-June 1899 (monthly).
  54. Helen Shipton. The Touchstone. July-December 1899 (monthly).
  55. Eleanor C. Price. The Heiress of the Forest. January-December 1900 (monthly).