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Publisher: Virtue

Alternate Name(s): James S. Virtue; Virtue and Co.; Virtue Brothers and Co (by 1862); Virtue, Spalding (by 1871); Virtue, Spalding, and Daldy (by 1874)

Primary Location: London

History: James Sprent Virtue (1829–1892) inherited the company from his father, George Virtue (1794–1868). His brother George Henry Virtue (died 1866) joined the firm a few years before his death. Publisher of St. Paul's Magazine. See entry in Sutherland.

References: Sutherland

Number of Titles Published by Virtue:

1840 (1 titles)1863 (4 titles)1864 (2 titles)
1866 (2 titles)1867 (1 titles)1868 (6 titles)
1869 (3 titles)1873 (1 titles)1874 (1 titles)
1875 (1 titles)