Title Information At the Circulating Library

Author and Title: Emily Feake Bridges. A Young Man's Fancy, with Other Tales


  • "Queen Elizabeth's Garden." Temple Bar, March 1868 (monthly)
  • "Juno and Phillis." Temple Bar, April 1868 (monthly)
  • "The Story of Pauline." Temple Bar, May 1868 (monthly)
  • "In the Apple Orchard." Temple Bar, June 1868 (monthly)
  • "Lady Esther." Temple Bar, August 1868 (monthly)
  • "Sweet Nelly Huntingdon." Temple Bar, September 1868 (monthly)
  • "Katie Gray." Temple Bar, November 1868 (monthly)
  • "The Turn of Fortune's Wheel." Temple Bar, April 1869 (monthly)
  • "√Čtienne's Vengeance." Temple Bar, January 1869 (monthly)

First Edition: London: Hurst and Blackett, 1879. 3 volumes, cr. 8vo, 31s. 6d.



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