Author: Charles Peake

Author: Charles Peake (1793–1847)

Alternate Name(s): Blue Jacket (pseudonym)

Biography: Charles Peake was born in 1793, the son of theatre manager Richard Peake (1757–1829). He was the younger brother of playwright Richard Brinsley Peake. Peake served in the Royal Navy as a lieutenant rising eventually to captain. After serving, he wrote a single nautical novel, The Saucy Jack, and The Indiaman (1840). In 1826, he married Margaret Watkins and the couple had two children. He died in 1847.

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References: DNB (Richard Brinsley Peake)

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  1. The Saucy Jack, and The Indiaman.  2 vol.  London: Bentley, 1840.

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