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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

Author: Henry Caldwell Lipsett

Author: Henry Caldwell Lipsett (1868–1913)

Biography: Henry Caldwell Lipsett was born in 1868 in Dominica, West Indies, the son of Henry Caldwell Lipsett, a sugar planter. His younger sister, Marianne Caldwell, was an actress. He was educated at Christ's Hopital before proceeding to Lincoln College, Oxford, on a scholarship. After taking his degree in 1892, Lipsett became a journalist: working first for a Sheffield newspaper then editing the Civil and Military Gazette in Lahore. He wrote two novels: Where the Atlantic Meets the Land (1896) for John Lane's Keynotes series and A Frontier Officer: A Tale of the Punjab (1903). In addition, Lipsett wrote a history Lord Curzon in India (1903). He returned to England in 1900 where he married Minnie Emma Bruce. The couple had four children. For four years, he served as the assistant editor of the Daily Chronicle but, due to poor health, Lipsett was forced to give up his journalism career. He died after an operation in 1913 in London. His widow successfully appealed to the Royal Literary Fund.

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References: British Census (1891, 1901, 1911); RLF (case number 2962); Times (29 July 1913)

Fiction Titles:

  1. Where the Atlantic Meets the Land.  1 vol.  London: John Lane, 1896.