At the Circulating Library Author Information: Oswald Sickert

Author: Oswald Sickert (1871–1923)

Alternate Name(s): Oswald Valentine (pseudonym)

Biography: Oswald Sickert was born on Valentine's Day 1871 in London, the son of the German painter Oswald Adalbet Sickert (1828–1885) and the brother of the painter Walter Richard Sickert (1860–1942). He attended Trinity College, Cambridge, and earned a B.A. in 1893. With university classmate Stanley V. Makower he wrote The Passing of a Mood (1893) for Unwin's Pseudonym Library and on his own he wrote Helen (1894) for the same. He turned to nonfiction afterwards. He died in 1923.

References: DNB (Walter Sickert)

Fiction Titles:

  1. Helen.  1 vol.  London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1894.