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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

Author: David Ker

Author: David Ker (1842–1914)

Biography: David Ker was born in 1842 in Bowden, Cheshire, the son of merchant Stewart Ker. He worked as a journalist, in particular the special correspondent for the London Daily Telegraph. He reside for a period in New York. In 1880, he married Bertha Mary Haslam. The couple had no children. By the turn of the century, Ker had settled in Surrey. He wrote much fiction for boy readers, much of it serialized in the Boy's Own Paper and similar publications. He died in 1914.

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References: Allibone; British Census (1851, 1901, 1911)

Fiction Titles:

  1. The Broken Image and Other Tales.  1 vol.  Edinburgh: Johnstone, Hunter, and Co., 1870.
  2. The Boy Slave in Bokhara.  1 vol.  London: Henry S. King, 1875.
  3. The Wild Horseman of the Pampas.  1 vol.  London: Henry S. King, 1876.
  4. Lost among White Africans: A Boy's Adventures on the Upper Congo.  1 vol.  London: Cassell, 1886.
  5. The Rajah's Legacy.  1 vol.  London: Griffith and Farran, 1890.
  6. Cossack and Czar.  1 vol.  Edinburgh: W. & R. Chambers, 1892.
  7. Prisoner among Pirates.  1 vol.  Edinburgh: W. & R. Chambers, 1894.
  8. Vanished!: or, The Strange Adventures of Arthur Hawksleigh.  1 vol.  Edinburgh: W. & R. Chambers, 1895.
  9. The Wizard King: A Story of the Last Moslem Invasion of Europe.  1 vol.  Edinburgh: W. & R. Chambers, 1895.
  10. Swept out to Sea.  1 vol.  Edinburgh: W. & R. Chambers, 1896.
  11. O'er Tartar Deserts: or, English and Russian in Central Asia.  1 vol.  Edinburgh: W. & R. Chambers, 1898.
  12. Ilderim the Afghan: A Tale of the Indian Border.  1 vol.  London: R. T. S., 1903.