At the Circulating Library Author Information: Stackpool Edward O'Dell

Author: Stackpool Edward O'Dell (1841–1917)

Biography: Stackpool Edward O'Dell was born in 1841 in Ireland. He married twice: in 1868 to Dorothy Meadows and in 1896 to Catherine Davies. He wrote two novels before turning to phrenology as his occupation. In the 1880s, he established the London Phrenological Institute which he and wife operated for nearly sixty years. He died in 1917.

References: British Census (1901, 1911); Times (19 February 1944)

Fiction Titles:

  1. Old St. Margaret's.  3 vol.  London: John Maxwell, 1884.
  2. Merciful or Merciless.  1 vol.  London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1886.