Author: Felicia Mary Frances Skene

Author: Felicia Mary Frances Skene (1821–1899)

Alternate Name(s): Erskine Moir (pseudonym)

Biography: Writer and philanthropist. See entry in DNB or Sutherland.

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References: DNB; Sutherland

Fiction Titles:

  1. Use and Abuse: A Tale.  1 vol.  London: Rivington, 1849.
  2. The Tutor's Ward: A Novel.  2 vol.  London: Henry Colburn, 1851.
  3. St. Alban's: or, The Prisoner of Hope.  1 vol.  London: Joseph Masters, 1853.
  4. Hidden Depths.  2 vol.  Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas, 1866.
  5. A Strange Inheritance.  3 vol.  Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1886.
  6. The Lesters: A Family Record.  2 vol.  London: W. H. Allen, 1887.
  7. Through the Shadows: A Test of the Truth.  1 vol.  London: Elliot Stock, 1888.

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