At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: The Month

Periodical: The Month

History: Full title: The Month: An Illustrated Magazine of Literature, Science, and Art. Published monthly, price 1s. Illustrated. Carried fiction for its first ten years.

References: Google Books (1864–1900; incomplete); NYPL

Novels and short stories serialized in The Month:

  1. Lady Georgiana Fullerton. Constance Sherwood. July 1864 to November 1865 (monthly).
  2. Lady Georgiana Fullerton. A Stormy Life. July 1866 to October 1867 (monthly).
  3. Mrs. Augustus Craven. Anne Severin. May 1868 to May 1869 (monthly).
  4. Edward Heneage Dering. The Lady of Raven's Combe. January 1885 to October 1886 (monthly).
  5. John Kirkwood Leys. The Lindsays. April 1887 to April 1888 (monthly).
  6. Anna Mary Sparrow. Olympias. January 1889 to May 1889 (monthly).
  7. Richard Brinsley Sheridan Knowles. Glencoonoge. January 1890 to January 1891 (monthly).
  8. Joseph Smith Fletcher. When Charles the First was King. January 1891 to March 1892 (monthly).
  9. Lady Amabel Kerr. A Mixed Marriage. September 1892 to March 1893 (monthly).
  10. Frances Maitland. "Ursel: A Scotch Story." Ursel and Other Stories. May 1893 to June 1893 (monthly).
  11. Lady Amabel Kerr. The Whole Difference. October 1900 to December 1901 (monthly).