At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: The Windsor Magazine

Periodical: The Windsor Magazine

History: Published monthly, priced 1s. Illustrated.

References: Ashley; Catharine Vaughan-Pow, Indexes to Fiction in The Windsor Magazine (1895–1910) (University of Queensland, 2004)

Novels and short stories serialized in The Windsor Magazine:

  1. Arthur Morrison. "The Ivy Cottage Mystery." Chronicles of Martin Hewitt. January 1895.
  2. Hugh Stowell Scott. The Grey Lady. January 1895 to November 1895 (monthly).
  3. Guy Boothby. A Bid for Fortune. January 1895 to November 1895 (monthly).
  4. Arthur Morrison. "The Nicobar Bullion Case." Chronicles of Martin Hewitt. February 1895.
  5. Arthur Morrison. "The Holford Will Case." Chronicles of Martin Hewitt. March 1895.
  6. Arthur Morrison. "The Case of the Missing Hand." Chronicles of Martin Hewitt. April 1895.
  7. Arthur Morrison. "The Case of Laker, Absconded." Chronicles of Martin Hewitt. May 1895.
  8. Arthur Morrison. "The Case of the Lost Foreigner." Chronicles of Martin Hewitt. June 1895.
  9. Shan Bullock. "A Beggar's Benefit." Ring o' Rushes. November 1895.
  10. Arthur Morrison. "The Case of Mr. Geldard's Elopement." Adventures of Martin Hewitt. January 1896.
  11. Guy Boothby. Doctor Nikola. January 1896 to August 1896 (monthly).
  12. Arthur Morrison. "The Case of the Late Mr. Rewse." Adventures of Martin Hewitt. February 1896.
  13. Arthur Morrison. "The Affair of Mrs. Seton's Child." Adventures of Martin Hewitt. March 1896.
  14. Arthur Morrison. "The Case of the Flitterbat Lancers." Adventures of Martin Hewitt. April 1896.
  15. Arthur Morrison. "The Case of the Dead Skipper." Adventures of Martin Hewitt. May 1896.
  16. Arthur Morrison. "The Case of the Ward Lane Tabernacle." Adventures of Martin Hewitt. June 1896.
  17. Coulson Kernahan. Captain Shannon. July 1896 to November 1896 (monthly).
  18. Hall Caine. The Christian. December 1896 to November 1897 (monthly).
  19. Arthur Morrison. The Dorrington Deed-Box. January 1897 to June 1897 (monthly).
  20. Shan Bullock. "Shan's Diversion." Ring o' Rushes. February 1897.
  21. William Wymark Jacobs. "The Skipper's Wooing." The Skipper's Wooing, and The Brown Man's Servant. July 1897 to September 1897 (monthly).
  22. Max Pemberton. Kronstadt. December 1897 to May 1898 (monthly).
  23. Robert Barr. Jennie Baxter, Journalist. January 1898 to September 1898 (monthly).
  24. Guy Boothby. Pharos the Egyptian. June 1898 to November 1898 (monthly).
  25. Mayne Lindsay. "The Valley of Sapphires." The Valley of Sapphires. August 1898.
  26. Rudyard Kipling. Stalky and Co.. December 1898 to May 1899 (monthly).
  27. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade. "The Jewelled Cobra." The Gold Star Line. December 1898.
  28. S. R. Crockett. Joan of the Sword Hand. December 1898 to November 1899 (monthly).
  29. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade. "The Cypher with the Human Key." The Gold Star Line. January 1899.
  30. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade. "The Rice-Paper Chart." The Gold Star Line. February 1899.
  31. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade. "In the Jaw of the Dog." The Gold Star Line. March 1899.
  32. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade. "The Yellow Flag." The Gold Star Line. April 1899.
  33. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade. "The Sacred Chank." The Gold Star Line. May 1899.
  34. Guy Boothby. Long Live the King. December 1899 to May 1900 (monthly).
  35. Robert Barr. "The Strong Arm." The Strong Arm. December 1899 to May 1900 (monthly).
  36. Orme Agnus. Love in our Village. February 1900 to May 1900 (monthly).
  37. Ian Maclaren. Young Barbarians. June 1900 to November 1900 (monthly).
  38. Max Pemberton. Pro Patria. June 1900 to November 1900 (monthly).
  39. Mayne Lindsay. The Whirligig. December 1900 to May 1901 (monthly).
  40. Charles John Cutcliffe Hyne. Thompson's Progress. June 1901 to May 1902 (monthly).