At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: Boy's Journal

Periodical: Boy's Journal

History: Published monthly by Henry Vickers, price 6d. Illustrated.

References: NYPL

Novels and short stories serialized in Boy's Journal:

  1. Capt. Mayne Reid. The Ocean Waifs. January 1863 to December 1863 (monthly).
  2. Percy Bolingbroke St. John. The Snow Ship. January 1863 to December 1863 (monthly).
  3. William Stephens Hayward. The Cloud King. March 1863 to September 1863 (monthly).
  4. Capt. Mayne Reid. Afloat in the Forest. February 1865 to April 1866 (monthly).
  5. William Stephens Hayward. Rodney Ray. January 1866 to June 1867 (monthly).
  6. Capt. Mayne Reid. The Giraffe Hunters. May 1866 to December 1866 (monthly).
  7. William Starbuck Mayo. The Berber. January 1868 to September 1868 (monthly).
  8. Henry Augustus Wise. Captain Brand, of the "Centipede". January 1869 to September 1869 (monthly).
  9. Jules Verne. A Journey to the Centre of the Earth. January 1870 to December 1870 (monthly). (dates approximate).