At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: The English Illustrated Magazine

Periodical: The English Illustrated Magazine

History: Published monthly, priced 1s. then 6d. (after 1893). Edited by J. W. Comyns Carr (1883–1889).

References: Ashley; British Periodicals

Novels and short stories serialized in The English Illustrated Magazine:

  1. Henry James. "Nona Vincent." The Real Thing and Other Tales. February 1882 to March 1882 (monthly).
  2. Charlotte Mary Yonge. The Armourer's Prentices. October 1883 to September 1884 (monthly).
  3. Thomas Hardy. "Interlopers at the Knap." Wessex Tales. May 1884.
  4. Henry James. "The Author of 'Beltraffio'." Stories Revived. June 1884 to July 1884 (monthly).
  5. Frederick John Fargus. A Family Affair. October 1884 to September 1885 (monthly).
  6. Margaret Oliphant. "Dr Barrere." That Little Cutty and Other Stories. December 1884.
  7. Henry James. "The Path of Duty." Stories Revived. December 1884.
  8. Wilkie Collins. "Mr. Lepel and the Housekeeper." Little Novels. January 1885.
  9. David Christie Murray. Aunt Rachel. October 1885 to March 1886 (monthly).
  10. Grant Allen. "Harry's Inheritance." The Beckoning Hand, and Other Stories. February 1886.
  11. William Edward Norris. My Friend Jim. April 1886 to September 1886 (monthly).
  12. Margaret Veley. "A Garden of Memories." A Garden of Memories. Mrs. Austin. Lizzie's Bargain. July 1886 to September 1886 (monthly).
  13. Benjamin Leopold Farjeon. A Secret Inheritance. October 1886 to September 1887 (monthly).
  14. F. Marion Crawford. Marzio's Crucifix. July 1887 to September 1887 (monthly).
  15. William Minto. The Mediation of Ralph Hardelot. October 1887 to September 1888 (monthly).
  16. Henry James. "The Patagonia." A London Life. The Patagonia. The Liar. Mrs. Temperly. August 1888 to September 1888 (monthly). (Not finished).
  17. F. Marion Crawford. Sant' Ilario. October 1888 to September 1889 (monthly).
  18. Edward Robert Lytton Bulwer-Lytton. The Ring of Amasis. October 1889 to May 1890 (monthly).
  19. Walter Besant. "The Doll's House—and After." Verbena Camellia Stephanotis, etc.. January 1890.
  20. Thomas Hardy. "On the Western Circuit." Life's Little Ironies. December 1891.
  21. William Edward Norris. A Deplorable Affair. April 1892 to July 1892 (monthly).
  22. Henry James. "Collaboration." The Private Life. September 1892.
  23. Edward Douglas Fawcett. Hartmann the Anarchist. June 1893 to September 1893 (monthly).
  24. Robert Barr. "An Alpine Divorce." Revenge!. October 1893.
  25. Robert Barr. "A Modern Samson." Revenge!. November 1893.
  26. Robert Barr. "Which was the Murderer?." Revenge!. December 1893.
  27. George Gissing. "Our Mr. Jupp." Human Odds and Ends. March 1894.
  28. Robert Barr. "A Dynamite Explosion." Revenge!. March 1894.
  29. Robert Barr. "An Electrical Slip." Revenge!. April 1894.
  30. Robert Barr. "The Vengeance of the Dead." Revenge!. May 1894.
  31. Robert Barr. "The Driver with his Back to the Horses." Revenge!. July 1894.
  32. Robert Barr. "The Hour and the Man." Revenge!. August 1894.
  33. George Gissing. "Comrad in Arms." Human Odds and Ends. September 1894.
  34. George Gissing. "The Poet's Portmanteau." Human Odds and Ends. February 1895. (Irregular).
  35. George Gissing. "In Honour Bound." Human Odds and Ends. April 1895.
  36. George Gissing. "An Inspiration." Human Odds and Ends. December 1895.
  37. Shan Bullock. "The Splendid Shilling." Ring o' Rushes. April 1896.
  38. George Gissing. "The Justice and the Vagabond." Human Odds and Ends. June 1896.
  39. George Gissing. "The Firebrand." Human Odds and Ends. July 1896. (Irregular).
  40. George Gissing. "The Prize Lodger." Human Odds and Ends. August 1896.