Periodical: Atalanta

Periodical: Atalanta

History: Published monthly, price 6d. Continues Every Girl's Magazine. Incorporated The Victorian Magazine. Edited by L. T. Meade (1887?1893).

References: Ashley; DNCJ; Nineteenth-Century UK Periodicals: New Readerships; Sutherland

Novels and short stories serialized in Atalanta:

  1. H. Rider Haggard. "A Tale of Three Lions", October 1887 to December 1887 (monthly).
  2. Grant Allen. The White Man's Foot, April 1888 to September 1888 (monthly).
  3. William Edward Norris. Miss Shafto, October 1888 to September 1889 (monthly).
  4. Louisa Parr. Dumps and I, February 1890 to September 1890 (monthly).
  5. Clemence Housman. The Were-wolf, December 1890.
  6. Katharine Sarah Macquoid. Maisie Derrick, October 1891 to September 1892 (monthly).
  7. Robert Louis Stevenson. Catriona, December 1892 to September 1893 (monthly).
  8. Margaret Oliphant. Sir Robert's Fortune, October 1893 to September 1894 (monthly).
  9. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. The Three Graces, October 1894 to May 1895 (monthly).
  10. Agnes Giberne. The Girl at the Dower House and Afterward, October 1895 to March 1896 (monthly).

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