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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

Publisher: Chapman and Hall in 1883

Titles published by Chapman and Hall in the year 1883:

  1. Bertha Jane Adams.  Geoffrey Stirling: A Novel.  3 vol.
  2. Anonymous.  The Building of St. Barnabas: A Novel.  2 vol.
  3. Julie Bosville Chetwynd.  A March Violet: A Novel.  3 vol.
  4. Mary Bathurst Deane.  Quatrefoil: A Novel.  3 vol.
  5. Joseph Hatton.  A Modern Ulysses: His Life and Adventures.  3 vol.
  6. Constance Ellen MacEwen.  Miss Beauchamp: A Philistine.  3 vol.
  7. Rosa Caroline Praed.  Moloch: A Story of Sacrifice.  3 vol.
  8. Olive Schreiner.  The Story of an African Farm.  2 vol.
  9. Hawley Smart.  At Fault.  3 vol.
  10. Hawley Smart.  Hard Lines: A Novel.  3 vol.
  11. Frances Eleanor Trollope.  Like Ships upon the Sea.  2 vol.
  12. Edwin Whelpton.  A Lincolnshire Heroine: A Novel.  3 vol.