At the Circulating Library Title Information: The Bit o' Writin, and Other Tales

Author and Title: John Banim. The Bit o' Writin, and Other Tales

First Edition: London: Saunders and Otley, 1838. 3 volumes, post 8vo., 31s. 6d.

Summary: Co-authored by Michael Banim. Contains the stories "The Bit o' Writin," "The Irish Lord Lieutenant and His Double," "The Family of the Cold Feet," "The Hare-Hound and the Witch," "The Soldier's Billet," "A Peasant Girl's Love," "The Hall of the Castle," "The Half-Brothers," "Twice Lost, But Saved," "The Faithful Servant," "The Roman Merchant," "Ill Got, Ill Gone," "The Church-Yard Watch," "The Last of the Storm," "The Rival Dreamers," "The Substitute," "The White Bristol," "The Stolen Sheep," "The Publican's Dream," and "The Ace of Clubs."


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