At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: The New Review

Periodical: The New Review

History: Published monthly.


Novels and short stories serialized in The New Review:

  1. Henry James. "The Solution." The Lesson of the Master. December 1889 to February 1890 (monthly).
  2. H. Rider Haggard. The World's Desire. April 1890 to December 1890 (monthly).
  3. Elizabeth Robins. "A Lucky Sixpence." Below the Salt. January 1894.
  4. H. G. Wells. The Time Machine. January 1895 to May 1895 (monthly).
  5. Constance Fletcher. "The Next House." Little Stories about Women. January 1895.
  6. Elizabeth Robins. "Gustus Frederick." Below the Salt. March 1895.
  7. Constance Fletcher. "For Ten Francs." Little Stories about Women. October 1895.
  8. Constance Fletcher. "A Contemporary." Little Stories about Women. May 1896.
  9. Elizabeth Robins. "Below the Salt." Below the Salt. July 1896.
  10. Henry James. What Maisie Knew. February 1897 to September 1897 (monthly).
  11. H. G. Wells. "The Crystal Egg." Tales of Space and Time. May 1897.
  12. Joseph Conrad. The Nigger of the "Narcissus". August 1897 to December 1897 (monthly).