Periodical: The Yellow Book

Periodical: The Yellow Book

History: Published quarterly, price 5s., by John Lane. Illustrated. Edited by Henry Harland.

References: Ashley; Sutherland

Novels and short stories serialized in The Yellow Book:

  1. Henry James. "The Death of the Lion", April 1894.
  2. Henry James. "The Coxon Fund", July 1894.
  3. Henry Brereton Marriott Watson. "The House of Shame", January 1895.
  4. Henry James. "The Next Time", July 1895.
  5. Henry Brereton Marriott Watson. "The Dead Wall", July 1895.
  6. Frederick William Rolfe. "About San Pietro and San Paolo", October 1895.
  7. Frederick William Rolfe. "About the Lilies of San Luigi", October 1895.
  8. Frederick William Rolfe. "A Caprice of the Cherubim", April 1896.
  9. Frederick William Rolfe. "About Beata Beatrix and the Mamma of San Pietro", April 1896.
  10. Frederick William Rolfe. "About the Heresy of Fra Serafico", October 1896.
  11. Frederick William Rolfe. "About One Way in which Christians Love One Another", October 1896.

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