At the Circulating Library Publisher Information: John Lane

Publisher: John Lane

Alternate Name(s): E. Mathews and J. Lane; The Bodley Head

Primary Location: London

History: John Lane (1854–1925) partnered with Charles Elkin Mathews (1851–1921) to form a publishing company called The Bodley Head in 1887. Mathews left the firm in 1894 to start his own publishing company. Lane is responsible for the Keynotes series of fiction and the periodical The Yellow Book.

References: DNB; Rose; Sutherland

Number of Titles Published by John Lane:

1893 (2 titles)1894 (7 titles)1895 (17 titles)
1896 (24 titles)1897 (18 titles)1898 (23 titles)
1899 (10 titles)1900 (10 titles)1901 (6 titles)