At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: Bell's Life in London

Periodical: Bell's Life in London

History: Published weekly. Focused on sporting subjects.

References: British Newspapers Archive; DNCJ; Nineteenth-Century UK Periodicals

Novels and short stories serialized in Bell's Life in London:

  1. Robert Smith Surtees. Hawbuck Grange. 8 November 1846 to 25 April 1847 (weekly).
  2. Hawley Smart. Bound to Win. 3 June 1876 to 3 February 1877 (weekly).
  3. J. P. Wheldon. "Miss Burton of Craigmuir." Sporting Facts and Fancies. 28 December 1879 to 18 January 1880 (weekly).
  4. J. P. Wheldon. Beaten on the Post. 3 December 1881 to 21 February 1882 (weekly).