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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

Author: Alexandre Dumas

Author: Alexandre Dumas (1803–1870)

Alternate Name(s): The Elder (alternate name)

Biography: French novelist and playwright.

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References: Douglas Munro, Alexandre Dumas Père: A Bibliography of Works Translated into English to 1910 (Garland, 1978)

Fiction Titles:

  1. Pascal Bruno: A Sicilian Story.  1 vol.  London: Henry Colburn, 1837.
  2. The Countess of Salisbury: To which is added The Maid of Corinth.  3 vol.  London: Bentley, 1840.
  3. Pauline: A Tale of Normandy.  1 vol.  London: H. G. Clarke & Co., 1844.
  4. Margaret of Navarre: or The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve. An Historical Tale of the Sixteenth Century.  1 vol.  London: George Peirce, 1845.
  5. The Count of Monte-Cristo.  2 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall, 1846.
  6. Isabel of Bavaria: or, The Chronicles of France for the Reign of Charles VI.  1 vol.  London: Bruce and Wyld, 1846.
  7. George: or, The Planter of the Isle of France.  1 vol.  London: Simms and M'Intyre, 1846.
  8. The Three Musketeers.  1 vol.  London: George Vickers, 1846.
  9. Twenty Years After: or, The Further Feats and Fortunes of a Gascon Adventurer. Being a Sequel to "The Three Musketeers".  2 vol.  London: Bruce and Wyld, 1846.
  10. Marie Antoinette: or, The Chevalier of the Red House. A Tale of the French Revolution in 1793.  1 vol.  London: George Pierce, 1846.
  11. Memoirs of a Physician.  1 vol.  London: George Pierce, 1846.
  12. Captain Paul the Pirate: A Tale of the Sea.  1 vol.  London: George Pierce, 1848.
  13. The Bastard of Mauléon.  1 vol.  London: E. Appleyard, 1848.
  14. The Forty-Five Guardsmen.  1 vol.  London: E. Appleyard, 1848.
  15. Francis the First: or, The Sculptor's Apprentice and the Provost's Daughter.  2 vol.  London: George Peirce, 1849.
  16. The Galley-Slave, Gabriel Lambert: To which is added, Julien: or, The Dead Alive.  1 vol.  London: George Peirce, 1850.
  17. Memoirs of a Maître d'Armes: or, Eighteen Months at St. Petersburg.  1 vol.  London: Longman, 1853.
  18. Rosa: or, The Black Tulip.  1 vol.  London: Thomas Hodgson, 1854.
  19. The Queen's Necklace.  1 vol.  London: Thomas Hodgson, 1855.
  20. The Chevalier d'Harmental.  1 vol.  London: C. H. Clarke, 1856.
  21. Nanon: or, Women's War.  1 vol.  London: Thomas Hodgson, 1857.
  22. Chicot, the Jester: or, The Lady of Monsoreau. An Historical Romance.  1 vol.  London: Thomas Hodgson, 1857.
  23. The Two Dianas: An Historical Romance.  1 vol.  London: Thomas Hodgson, 1857.
  24. The Vicomte de Bragelonne: or, Ten Years Later.  2 vol.  London: Routledge, 1858.
  25. The Regent's Daughter: An Historical Romance.  1 vol.  London: Ward and Lock, 1858.
  26. The Watchmaker.  1 vol.  London: Henry Lea, 1859.
  27. Taking the Bastile: or, Six Years Later. Being the Sequel to "The Memoirs of a Physician" and "The Queen's Necklace".  1 vol.  London: Thomas Hodgson, 1859.
  28. Otto the Archer.  1 vol.  London: Henry Lea, 1860.
  29. The Countess de Charny.  1 vol.  London: Henry Lea, 1860.
  30. Ingenue: or, The Death of Marat. A Romance.  1 vol.  London: Thomas Hodgson, 1860.
  31. Roland de Montrevel: or, The Companions of Jehu. A Tale of the French Consulate.  1 vol.  London: Ward and Lock, 1860.
  32. Doctor Basilius.  1 vol.  London: Routledge, 1860.
  33. Catherine Blum.  1 vol.  London: Routledge, 1861.
  34. The Russian Gipsy: or, The Palace of Ice.  1 vol.  London: Henry Lea, 1861.
  35. The Spectre-Mother: or, Love after Death.  1 vol.  London: C. H. Clarke, 1864.
  36. The Page of the Duke of Savoy.  1 vol.  London: Routledge, 1871.
  37. The Mohicans of Paris.  1 vol.  London: Routledge, 1875.