Group Information At the Circulating Library

Group: Seamen

Description: The following authors all worked on the sea as naval officers, sailors, or ship captains.

  1. Armstrong, Francis Claudius
  2. Barker, Matthew Henry
  3. Barry, John Arthur
  4. Beach, Charles Aubyn
  5. Becke, Louis
  6. Belcher, Capt. Sir Edward
  7. Bullen, Frank Thomas
  8. Cameron, Verney Lovett
  9. Chamier, Frederick
  10. Christie, Alexander
  11. Conrad, Joseph
  12. Glascock, Capt. William Nugent
  13. Hannay, James
  14. Honnywill, Wilfred Keppel
  15. Howard, Edward
  16. Lancaster, William Joseph Cosens
  17. Marryat, Frederick
  18. Melville, Herman