At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: New Monthly Magazine

Periodical: New Monthly Magazine

History: Published montly, price 2s. 6d. Illustrated. Edited by Edward Bulwer Lytton (1831–33), Robert Folkestone Williams, and W. H. Ainsworth (1845–70). See entry in Sutherland.

References: DNCJ; Sutherland; Wellesley

Novels and short stories serialized in New Monthly Magazine:

  1. John Poole. Little Pedlington and the Pedlingtonians. October 1830 to January 1839 (monthly).
  2. Theodore Edward Hook. Gilbert Gurney. July 1834 to June 1835 (monthly).
  3. Anna Maria Hall. "Sketches on Irish Highways." Lights and Shadows of Irish Life. October 1834 to October 1835 (monthly).
  4. Catherine Gore. "The Red Man." The Courtier of the Days of Charles II, with Other Tales. June 1835.
  5. Theodore Edward Hook. Precept and Practice. July 1835 to October 1836 (monthly).
  6. Anna Maria Hall. "Illustrations of Irish Pride." Lights and Shadows of Irish Life. March 1836 to September 1836 (monthly).
  7. Catherine Gore. "Les Enfans Trouves." The Courtier of the Days of Charles II, with Other Tales. September 1836.
  8. Theodore Edward Hook. Gurney Married. January 1837 to November 1838 (monthly).
  9. Frederick Marryat. The Phantom Ship. March 1837 to August 1839 (monthly).
  10. William Makepeace Thackeray. "Some Passages in the Life of Major Gahagan." Comic Tales and Sketches. February 1838 to February 1839 (monthly).
  11. Frances Milton Trollope. The Widow Married. May 1839 to June 1840 (monthly).
  12. Joseph Thomas James Hewlett. Peter Priggins, the College Scout. May 1839 to January 1841 (monthly).
  13. William Makepeace Thackeray. "The Bedford Row Conspiracy." Comic Tales and Sketches. January 1840 to April 1840 (monthly).
  14. Theodore Edward Hook. Fathers and Sons. January 1840 to August 1841 (monthly).
  15. Frances Milton Trollope. Charles Chesterfield. July 1840 to November 1841 (monthly).
  16. John Poole. Phineas Quiddy. September 1841 to December 1842 (monthly).
  17. Robert Douglas. Adventures of a Medical Student. December 1841 to May 1844 (monthly).
  18. Frances Milton Trollope. The Barnabys in America. April 1842 to September 1843 (monthly).
  19. Joseph Thomas James Hewlett. Parsons and Widows. August 1842 to December 1843 (monthly).
  20. Catherine Gore. "The Hot Water Cure." Temptation and Atonement, and Other Tales. December 1842.
  21. Catherine Gore. "May Fair at Bruges." Temptation and Atonement, and Other Tales. September 1843.
  22. Frances Milton Trollope. The Robertses on their Travels. May 1844 to January 1846 (monthly).
  23. William Hamilton Maxwell. Captain O'Sullivan. June 1844 to June 1846 (monthly).
  24. William Harrison Ainsworth. Auriol. July 1845 to August 1845 (monthly).
  25. Frederick Marryat. The Privateer's Man, One Hundred Years Ago. August 1845 to June 1846 (monthly).
  26. G. P. R. James. Beauchamp. August 1845 to November 1846 (monthly).
  27. Catherine Gore. "A Vision of a Royal Ball." Temptation and Atonement, and Other Tales. October 1845.
  28. Marguerite Agnes Power. The Forsters. July 1846 to February 1847 (monthly).
  29. Catherine Gore. "Next of Kin." Temptation and Atonement, and Other Tales. November 1846 to January 1847 (monthly).
  30. G. P. R. James. Margaret Graham. January 1847 to August 1847 (monthly).
  31. Charles Rowcroft. The Confession of an Etonian. January 1848 to December 1848 (monthly).
  32. Robert Smith Surtees. "Ask Mamma". March 1848 to October 1848 (monthly).
  33. Robert Smith Surtees. Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour. January 1849 to April 1851 (monthly).
  34. William Harrison Ainsworth. The Flitch of Bacon. January 1853 to May 1854 (monthly). (Irregular).
  35. Ellen Wood. "The Unholy Wish." Lady Grace, and Other Stories. April 1853.
  36. Ellen Wood. "A Soldier's Career." Lady Grace, and Other Stories. July 1854.
  37. Ellen Wood. East Lynne. January 1860 to September 1861 (monthly).
  38. Ouida. "Little Grand and the Marchioness." Cecil Castlemaine's Gage, and Other Novelettes. May 1860 to July 1860 (monthly).
  39. Ouida. Held in Bondage. January 1861 to June 1863 (monthly).
  40. Ellen Wood. The Shadow of Ashlydyat. October 1861 to November 1863 (monthly).
  41. Ouida. Strathmore. July 1863 to February 1865 (monthly).
  42. Ouida. Idalia. March 1865 to February 1867 (monthly).
  43. Hannah Murray. Lilian's Inheritance. October 1865 to June 1866 (monthly).
  44. William Harrison Ainsworth. Hilary St. Ives. February 1869 to December 1869 (monthly).
  45. William Harrison Ainsworth. Boscobel. January 1872 to December 1872 (monthly).
  46. Mary Clementina Hibbert-Ware. The Water Tower. January 1874 to June 1875 (monthly).
  47. George W. Garrett. Squire Harrington's Secret. May 1874 to December 1874 (monthly).
  48. Mary Clementina Hibbert-Ware. The Hunchback Cashier. February 1875 to July 1875 (monthly).
  49. George W. Garrett. Maud Linden's Lovers. January 1878 to August 1878 (monthly).