At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: Argosy

Periodical: Argosy

History: Published monthly, priced 6d. Illustrated. Edited by Isa Craig (1865–1867), Ellen Wood (1867–1886), and Charles W. Wood (1887–1898). Published at various times by Alexander Strahan, Bentley, and Macmillan.

References: Ashley; British Periodicals; DNCJ; Sutherland

Novels and short stories serialized in Argosy:

  1. Charles Reade. Griffith Gaunt. December 1865 to November 1866 (monthly).
  2. Amelia B. Edwards. "The Story of Ernst Christian Schoeffer." Monsieur Maurice, a New Novelette. February 1866.
  3. Henrietta Keddie. "Diana." Girlhood and Womanhood. March 1866 to April 1866 (monthly).
  4. Anthony Trollope. "Father Giles of Ballymoy." Lotta Schmidt and Other Stories. May 1866.
  5. Amelia B. Edwards. "The Tragedy in the Palazzo Bardello." Monsieur Maurice, a New Novelette. June 1866.
  6. Anthony Trollope. "Lotta Schmidt." Lotta Schmidt and Other Stories. July 1866.
  7. William Brighty Rands. "Bella's Exciting Day." Bella's Exciting Day, and Other Liliput Legends. August 1866.
  8. Anthony Trollope. "The Adventures of Fred Pickering." Lotta Schmidt and Other Stories. September 1866.
  9. George MacDonald. "Port in a Storm." The Gifts of the Child Christ, and Other Tales. November 1866.
  10. William Brighty Rands. The Shoemakers' Village. December 1866 to June 1867 (monthly).
  11. George MacDonald. Robert Falconer. December 1866 to November 1867 (monthly).
  12. Ellen Wood. Anne Hereford. December 1867 to December 1868 (monthly).
  13. Ellen Wood. Johnny Ludlow. February 1868 to May 1872 (monthly).
  14. Ellen Wood. Roland Yorke. January 1869 to December 1869 (monthly).
  15. Ellen Wood. Johnny Ludlow. May 1869 to February 1881 (monthly).
  16. Ellen Wood. Bessy Rane. January 1870 to December 1870 (monthly).
  17. Ellen Wood. Johnny Ludlow. August 1870 to December 1877 (monthly).
  18. Mary Cecil Hay. "Pennie's Choice." Bid me Discourse, and Other Tales. January 1871 to February 1871 (monthly).
  19. Ellen Wood. Dene Hollow. January 1871 to December 1871 (monthly).
  20. Ellen Wood. Within the Maze. January 1872 to December 1872 (monthly).
  21. Mary Cecil Hay. "Larry's Hut." Brenda Yorke, and Other Tales. November 1872.
  22. Ellen Wood. The Master of Greylands. January 1873 to December 1873 (monthly).
  23. Mary Cecil Hay. "What Our Advertisement Brought." Brenda Yorke, and Other Tales. February 1873.
  24. Mary Cecil Hay. "Guy Newton's Revenge." Under the Will, and Other Tales. September 1873.
  25. Thomas Wilkinson Speight. In the Dead of Night. January 1874 to December 1874 (monthly).
  26. Ellen Wood. Told in the Twilight. January 1875 to September 1875 (monthly).
  27. Thomas Wilkinson Speight. A Secret of the Sea. January 1875 to December 1875 (monthly).
  28. Ellen Wood. Edina. January 1876 to December 1876 (monthly).
  29. Anna Harriet Drury. Gabriel's Appointment. January 1877 to December 1877 (monthly).
  30. Ellen Wood. Pomeroy Abbey. January 1878 to December 1878 (monthly).
  31. Anna Harriet Drury. Called to the Rescue. January 1879 to December 1879 (monthly).
  32. Mary Cecil Hay. "One Terrible Christmas Eve." Bid me Discourse, and Other Tales. February 1879.
  33. Thomas Wilkinson Speight. The Mysteries of Heron Dyke. January 1880 to December 1880 (monthly).
  34. Ellen Wood. Court Netherleigh. January 1881 to December 1881 (monthly).
  35. Isabella Mayo. Mrs. Raven's Temptation. January 1882 to December 1882 (monthly).
  36. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. "A Rose Distill'd." A Maiden All Forlorn, and Other Stories. December 1882.
  37. Ellen Wood. "A Soldier's Career." Lady Grace, and Other Stories. December 1882.
  38. Bella Duffy. Winifred Power. January 1883 to December 1883 (monthly).
  39. Florence Warden. The White Witch. January 1884 to December 1884 (monthly).
  40. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. "Dr. Ball." In Durance Vile, and Other Stories. February 1884.
  41. Isabella Mayo. The Mystery of Allan Grale. January 1885 to December 1885 (monthly).
  42. Alfred Moberly. Lady Valeria. January 1886 to December 1886 (monthly).
  43. Sarah Doudney. The Missing Rubies. January 1887 to December 1887 (monthly).
  44. Ellen Wood. "Lady Grace." Lady Grace, and Other Stories. January 1887 to October 1887 (monthly).
  45. Ellen Wood. The Story of Charles Strange. January 1888 to December 1888 (monthly).
  46. Francesca Maria Steele. The Village Blacksmith. January 1889 to December 1889 (monthly).
  47. Ellen Wood. The House of Halliwell. January 1890 to December 1890 (monthly).
  48. Ellen Wallace. Mr. Warrenne, the Medical Practitioner. January 1893 to December 1893 (monthly).
  49. Thomas Wilkinson Speight. The Grey Monk. January 1894 to December 1894 (monthly).
  50. Sydney Hodges. When Leaves were Green. January 1895 to December 1895 (monthly).
  51. Sarah Doudney. Pilgrims of the Night. January 1896 to October 1896 (monthly).
  52. Rosa Nouchette Carey. The Mistress of Brae Farm. January 1896 to December 1896 (monthly).
  53. Sydney C. Grier. Peace with Honour. January 1897 to December 1897 (monthly).
  54. Lizzie Alldridge. The Tower Gardens. January 1899 to December 1899 (monthly).
  55. Catherine Adams. "Two Christmas Eves." The Separation of the Beresfords. December 1899.
  56. Sydney C. Grier. The Warden of the Marches. January 1900 to December 1900 (monthly).
  57. Stella M. Düring. Malicious Fortune. January 1901 to September 1901 (monthly).