Group Information At the Circulating Library

Group: Army Officers

Description: The following authors all served as army officers.

  1. Alexander, George Gardiner
  2. Arnold, William Delafield
  3. Beresford, George de la Poer
  4. Bray, Sir Claude Arthur
  5. Brereton, F. S.
  6. Brough, James Fox
  7. Burrard, William Dutton
  8. Campbell, Robert Calder
  9. Curling, Capt. Henry
  10. Dering, Edward Heneage
  11. Drury, William Price
  12. Elton, Sir Arthur Hallam
  13. Fife-Cookson, John Cookson
  14. Griffiths, Major Arthur George Frederick
  15. Haggard, Andrew Charles Parker
  16. Hough, Lewis
  17. Kelly, William Patrick
  18. Knollys, Col. William Wallingford
  19. Knox, Capt. Charles
  20. Lyon, Edmund David
  21. Roberts, Sir Randal Howland
  22. Senior, Lt. Col. Henry
  23. Taylor, Philip Meadows
  24. White, Percy