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Adams and FrancisAddeyW. H. Addison
E. W. AllenGeorge AllenW. H. Allen
J. W. AllinghamThomas AllmanEdward Arnold
F. Enos ArnoldArrowsmithArt and Book Co.
AsherAlbert J. AttwoodAuthors Co-operative Publishing Co.
Aylott and JonesA. H. Baily and Co.Baily Brothers
F.W.J. BakerBall and Co.S. B. Barrett
William BarthNeville BeemanWilliam Beeman
S. O. BeetonBell and DaldyGeorge Bell
George Bell and SonsBellairs and Co.Bemrose and Sons
A. W. BennettJohn BennettBentley
BevingtonBible Christian Book-RoomBickers
Biggs and Co.Biggs & DibenhamBinns and Goodwin
A. and C. BlackBlack & White Publishing Co.Spencer Blackett
BlackieB. H. BlackwellJames Blackwood
BlackwoodBlayney & FryerBliss, Sands, and Foster
David BogueH. G. BohnThe Book Society
Booker and DolmanT. and W. BooneL. Booth
BosworthJoseph BoultonS. H. Bousfield & Co.
James BowdenBradbury, Agnew and Co.Bradbury and Evans
Edwin J. BrettBritish WorkmanBrook and Chrystal
Cecil BrooksJ. and C. BrownDavid Bryce & Son
Robert BuchananEdward BullBull, Simmons, and Co.
Thomas BurleighBurns and OatesJames Burns
W. CaffynCameron and FergusonCash
W. and F.G. CashCassellCatholic Truth Society
George CauldwellW. & R. ChambersChapman and Hall
John ChapmanCharing Cross Publishing Co.Charpentier & Co.
Chatto and WindusChurch Monthly OfficeChurch of England Temperance Society
Edward ChurtonCity of London Publishing Co.The Clarion Newspaper Co. Ltd.
W. M. ClarkClarke, Beeton, & Co.C. H. Clarke
H. G. Clarke & Co.James ClarkeR. Yorke Clarke
W. J. CleaverWilliam ClowesJames Cochrane
Henry ColburnCollins and PonsfordArchibald Constable
Thomas ConstableNathaniel CookeJ. Cording
W. CornishThe Cotton PressHenry Cox
Horace CoxAndrew CrombieRobert Culley
Joseph CundallR. CunnackCunningham and Mortimer
Hugh CunninghamWilliam CurryDaldy, Isbister
W. H. DaltonDalziel Bros.J. and D.A. Darling
Darton and ClarkDarton and Co.Darton and Harvey
Darton and HodgeWilliam Darton and SonDay
Dean and SonE. T. W. DennisJ. M. Dent
John DicksDigby, LongDipose
E. DippleBertram DobellCharles Dolman
David DouglasDowneyH. J. Drane
Duckworth and Co.James DuffyEdmund Durrant and Co.
John EbersEdenEdmonston and Douglas
William EdwardsEli Charles EgintonEglington and Co.
The Electrician Printing & Publishing Co.Rowland A. ElliottE. J. Ellis
EllisEllissen and Co.William Emans
EvelynsR. A. Everett and Co.Eyre and Spottiswoode
Emily FaithfullFrederick FarrahFavourite Publishing Co.
Field and TuerThe Field OfficeFisher
Robert ForderW. FoulshamFraser and Co.
James FraserWilliam FreemanS.T. Freemantle
Samuel FrenchHenry FrowdeJ.P. Fuller
Fun OfficeFund for... Catholic ChildrenJ. Gadsby
Gale & PoldenGall & InglisAlexander Gardner
Wells Gardner, DartonWilliam Wells GardnerGay and Bird
P. Geddes and Co.J. GemmellGibbings & Co.
H.J. GibbsM.H. Gill and SonL. Upcott Gill
Governesses' Benevolent InstitutionGrantGrant and Griffith
R. Grant and SonGrattan and GilbertThomas Gray and Co.
J. GreenGreenberg and Co.W. W. Greener
Greening and Co.Charles GriffinP. Griffin
Griffith and FarranFrancis GriffithsGroombridge
Arthur HallJ. Hall and SonsWarren Hall
HamiltonHansom Cab Publishing Co.Harper and Bros.
T. HarrisonHarvey and DartonR. Hastings
HatchardJ.T. HayesJames Hayward and Co.
William HeinemannJames HendersonHenry
George HerbertF. HextallAbel Heywood
John HeywoodT. HintonGeorge Hoby
Hodder and StoughtonHodges and SmithJohn Hodges
HodgsonJames HoggHoldsworth
Home Words Publishing OfficeThomas HookhamHope
J. C. HottenHoughton & Co.Houlston and Co.
Houlston and WrightJeremiah HowJoseph Hughes
Hunt & Co.F. Bordon HuntHurst and Blackett
Henry HurstThomas HurstHutchinson
George W. HydeIliffe and SonIngram
A. D. InnesWilliam IsbisterJohn Henry Jackson
Jackson, Walford and HodderMarshall Japp and Co.Jarrold and Son
W. S. JohnsonR. B. JohnsonJohnstone, Hunter, and Co.
John JohnstoneJudd and GlassJudy Office
Kelly and Co.Charles H. KellyW. B. Kelly
John Kempster and Co.W. P. KennedyW. Kent and Co.
Kerby and EndeanKerby and SonHenry S. King
James B. KnappKnight and SonCharles Knight
Henry Edward KnoxLambertLamley and Co.
John LaneThomas LaurieLawrence and Bullen
Henry LeaLeadenhall PressLeisure Hour Office
Literary Publishing SocietyEdward LloydLockwood and Co.
Crosby LockwoodLondon Literary SocietyJohn Long
LongmanLovejoy's LibraryLover and Groombridge
Frederick LoverSampson LowWilliam Macintosh
Maclaren & MacnivenMacmillanJohn Macqueen
MacraeJohn MacroneMadden
ManwaringE. MarlboroughJohn S. Marr and Sons
A. P. MarsdenWilliam MarshHorace Marshall and Son
Marshall, Russell & Co.Joseph MastersElkin Mathews
John MaxwellMcClure and Co.James McGlashan
Thomas McLeanAndrew MelroseJohn Menzies and Co.
MethuenMiller and FieldThomas Miller
John MilneH. F. MitchellJohn Mitchell
The Modern PressMoffat and Co.W.H. Moor and Co.
Moran and Co.Morgan and HebronJohn Morgan
John MortimerE. B. MortlockA. R. Mowbray
Edward MoxonMozley and Co.Henry Mozley and Sons
W. R. M'PhunWilliam Mullan & SonJohn Murray
A. MurrayFrank MurrayThomas Murray and Son
National Society's DepositoryNational Temperance Publication DepôtF. Tennyson Neely
Nelson and SonsJ. R. NethertonNew Century Press
T. C. NewbyA. K. NewmanNewman and Co.
George NewnesNewsagents' Publishing Co.W. Nicholson & Sons
W. P. NimmoJohn C. NimmoJames Nisbet
Ernest NisterDavid NuttOffice of Black and White
Office of Texas SiftingsOffice of The Boys of EnglandOffice of The Illustrated London News
Office of the National Illustrated LibraryOliphantWilliam Oliphant and Son
Charles OllierS. L. OllifJohn Ollivier
William S. OrrOsgood, McIlvainePage, Pratt & Turner
W. E. PainterJohn W. ParkerJ.H. and J. Parker
Parker, Son, and BournParlor Journal OfficeParry
PartridgeWilliam PatersonPaton and Ritchie
Kegan PaulC. Arthur PearsonWilliam Penny
Percival & Co.Henry PerrisPhilip
G. PhilipWilliam PickeringPitman
ProvostPunch OfficeG. P. Putnam's Sons
Railway and General Automatic LibraryGeorge RedwayReeves and Turner
William ReevesRelfe and FletcherR.T.S.
RemingtonReynolds and SonRichards and Co.
Grant RichardsJohn RichardsonThomas Richardson and Son
James RidgewayRivingtonsRoper & Drowley
RoutledgeJames RoutledgeRoworth
The Roxburghe PressRoyal Exchange OfficeT. de la Rue and Co.
St. James's Magazine OfficeI. SampsonW. Sams
SandsW. Satchell and Co.Saunders and Otley
John SaundersW. SaundersWalter Scott
Scottish Temperance LeagueSeeleyService and Paton
SharpeJ. F. ShawSherwood and Co.
Sherwood, Gilbert and PiperShoberlS. W. Silver
Simms and M'IntyreSimpkinC. J. Skeet
Skeffington and SouthwellSkeffingtonJohn Slark
Henry SlaterSmallfieldA. Smith
John Russell SmithW. H. Smith and SonWalter Smith
Smith, ElderLeonard SmithersJohn Snow
S.P.C.K.J. W. SouthgateSpence
Walter SpiersEdward StanfordWilliam Stevens
Elliot StockStockwellD. Stott
Alexander StrahanW. StrangeSunday School Institute
Sunday School UnionSunrise Publishing Co.Suttaby and Co.
Sutton, Drowley & Co.Swan SonnenscheinWilliam Tait
John TallisThe Technical Publishing Co.Thomas Tegg
William TeggThackerThickbroom Brothers
Joseph ThomasJ. H. ThomsonThurgate and Sons
Charles J. ThynneCharles TiltRichard Moore Tims
Tinsley BrothersSamuel Tinsley'Tit-Bits' Offices
Tower Publishing Co.Town and Country Publishing Co.Anthony Treherne
TrischlerTrübnerTubbs and Brook
Raphael Tuck and SonsTuckerW. Tweedie
Robert TyasTylston and EdwardsUniversity Press
T. Fisher UnwinVanity Fair OfficeA. Vickers
George VickersVinton and Co.Virtue
Virtue, Hall, and VirtueVizetellyE. Wallen
Ward and DowneyWard, LockMarcus Ward
Frederick WarneR. WashbourneJ. Watson
A. P. Watt and SonWatts & Co.James Weir
Wells, Gardner, DartonWertheim and MacintoshCharles Westerton
F. C. WestleyF. V. WhiteWhittaker
W. B. WhittinghamWilliam Whyte and Co.Wiley and Putnam
Williams and NorgateJohn WilliamsWilson and McCormick
Wilson and MilneClement WilsonEffingham Wilson
Women's Printing SocietyCharles W. WoodT. Woolmer
W. N. WrightWyman and Sons[None]