Group Information At the Circulating Library

Group: Welsh Authors

Description: The following authors were either born in or resided in Wales.

  1. Beale, Anne
  2. Campbell, Josephine Elizabeth
  3. Collins, William Edmund Wood
  4. Davies, Edward William Lewis
  5. Davies, Naunton Wingfield
  6. Dillwyn, Elizabeth Amy
  7. Downes, Joseph
  8. Gillmor, Clotworthy
  9. Huddart, Elinor Louisa
  10. Keating, Joseph
  11. Lewis, Helen Prothero
  12. Mitchell, Elizabeth Harcourt
  13. Pryce, Daisy Hugh
  14. Pryce, Gwendolen
  15. Randolph, Catherine Emily Blanche
  16. Roberts, Margaret
  17. Tucker, John Montmorency
  18. Woodward, Emma Hosken