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Irkdale: or, The Odd House in the Hollow. A... Brierley, Benjamin 1865
Irma: A Tale of Hungarian Life Lys, Count Charles Vetter du 1870
Iron Heart, War Chief of the Iroquois Ellis, Edward S. 1900
Ironopolis: A Novel Charlesworth, Edward Gomersall 1874
Irralie's Bushranger: A Story of Australian... Hornung, Ernest William 1896
Is He Popenjoy?: A Novel Trollope, Anthony 1878
Is He the Man? Russell, William Clark 1876
Is it a Blot? Shee, Sir Martin Archer 1867
Is It for Ever?: A Novel Mainwaring, Kate 1873
Is Lady Clara Dead?: A Novel Fenton, Gertrude 1871
Isa: A Novel Marchmont, Arthur Williams 1887
Isaac Eller's Money Sidgwick, Cecily 1889
Isabeau's Hero: A Story of the Revolt of th... Stuart, Esmé 1882
Isabel: The Young Wife and the Old Love Jeaffreson, John Cordy 1856
Isabel: or, Influence Youatt, Elizabeth 1850
Isabel Clarendon Gissing, George 1886
Isabel St. Clair: A Romance of the 17th Cen... Addison, Julia 1876
Iseulte Dempster, Charlotte Louisa ... 1875
Ishmael: A Novel Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1884
Ishmael Pengelly: An Outcast Hocking, Joseph 1893
Isidora: or, The Adventures of a Neapolitan... Beste, John Richard Digby 1841
Ismay's Children Hartley, May Laffan 1887
Israel Mort, Overman Saunders, John 1876
It is Never too Late to Mend: A Matter of F... Reade, Charles 1856
It is no Wonder: Story of Bohemian Life Molloy, Joseph Fitzgerald 1882
It is Written: A Story of Destiny Fielder-King, Ada 1888
It May be True: A Novel Wood, Kate 1865
It Might Have Been: A Novel Smith, Jane Grace 1876
It was a Lover and his Lass Oliphant, Margaret 1883
It's Own Reward Lloyd, Jessie Sale 1886
Iva Kildare: A Matrimonial Problem Walford, L. B. 1897
Ivan Alexandrovitch: A Siberian Romance Harvey, Annie Jane 1897
Ivan de Biron: Or, the Russian Court in the... Helps, Sir Arthur 1873
Ivan Greet's Masterpiece Etc. Allen, Grant 1893
Ivanda: or, The Pilgrim's Quest. A Tale Bray, Sir Claude Arthur 1894
Ivors Sewell, Elizabeth Missing 1856
Ivy: Cousin and Bride Greg, Percy 1881
Ivy: A Tale of Cottage Life Hocking, Silas Kitto 1881
Iza's Story O'Meara, Kathleen 1869
Jabez Easterbrook: A Religious Novel Hocking, Joseph 1890
Jabez Ebsleigh, M.P.: A Novel Eiloart, Elizabeth Darby 1876
Jabez Oliphant: or, The Modern Prince Burrow, John Holme 1870
Jack: A Chapter in a Boy's Life Osborn, Yotty 1880
Jack Abbott's Log: A Yarn of the Merchant S... Brown, Robert 1890
Jack Adams, the Mutineer Chamier, Frederick 1838
Jack Allyn's Friends: A Novel Appleton, George Webb 1880
Jack and Three Jills Philips, Francis Charles 1886
Jack Archer: A Tale of the Crimea Henty, George Alfred 1883
Jack Ariel: or, Life on Board an Indiaman Dix, John Ross 1847
Jack Ashore Howard, Edward 1840
Jack Beresford's Yarn: An Ocean Romance Lancaster, William Joseph C... 1896
Jack Brag Hook, Theodore Edward 1837
Jack Buntline: or, Life on the Ocean Kingston, William Henry Giles 1861
Jack Chaloner: or, The Fighting Forty-Third Grant, James 1883
Jack Doyle's Daughter Francillon, Robert Edward 1894
Jack Hinton, the Guardsman Lever, Charles 1843
Jack Hornet: or, The March of Intellect Millingen, John Gideon 1845
Jack Locke: A Tale of the War and the Wave Stables, William Gordon 1888
Jack Manley: His Adventures by Sea and Land Grant, James 1861
Jack o' Lanthorn: A Novel Coleridge, Christabel Rose 1889
Jack o' th' Beach: A Story for Boys Teague, Rev. John Jessop 1897
Jack of Both Sides: The Story of a School War Coombe, Florence 1900
Jack Scudamore's Daughter: A Domestic Story Williams, Robert Folkestone 1865
Jack Sheppard: A Romance Ainsworth, William Harrison 1839
Jack Skeffington: A Sporting Novel Gravenhil, Guy 1891
Jack Thurlow and I: or, How Will it End? A ... Russell, William 1871
Jack Urquhart's Daughter: A Novel Sneyd, Pamela 1882
Jack Warleigh: A Tale of the Turf and the Law Belgrave, Dalrymple James 1891
Jack Westropp: An Autobiography Anonymous, 1895
Jack's Courtship: A Sailor's Yarn of Love a... Russell, William Clark 1884
Jack's Cousin Kate: A Novel Kenyon, Edith C. 1883
Jack's Father, and Other Stories Norris, William Edward 1891
Jack's Heroism: A Tale of Schoolboy Life Kenyon, Edith C. 1883
Jack's Secret Cameron, Caroline Emily 1891
Jack's Year of Trial Swan, Annie S. 1891
Jack's Year of Trial Swan, Annie S. 1887
Jacky: A Story of Everyday Life Hocking, Salome 1887
Jaco Treloar: A Study of a Woman Pearce, Joseph Henry 1893
Jacob Bendixen: The Jew Goldschmidt, Meir 1851
Jacob Faithful Marryat, Frederick 1834
Jacob's Letter, and Other Stories Brown, Lilian Rowland 1889
Jacobi's Wife: A Novel Sergeant, Adeline 1887
Jacqetta and Other Stories Baring-Gould, Sabine 1890
Jalaberd's Bumps: A Phrenological Experiment Greenwood, James 1891
James and George, and Other Stories Stebbing, Grace 1901
James Braithwaite, the Supercargo: The Stor... Kingston, William Henry Giles 1882
James Cope Barmby, Cuthbert 1899
James Daunton's Fate Russell, Dora 1886
James Duke, Costermonger: A Tale of Social ... Gilbert, William 1879
James Gordon's Wife Clutton-Brock, Ellen Georgiana 1871
James Hatfield and the Beauty of Buttermere... Carrington, Edmund Frederic... 1841
James Hepburn, Free Church Minister Veitch, Sophie Frances Fane 1887
James Inwick: Ploughman and Elder Hunter, Peter Hay 1894
James Meetwell: or, Incidents, Errors, and ... Anonymous, 1866
James Merle: An Autobiography Black, William 1864
James of the Hill: A Tale of the Troubles i... Cameron, J. A. 1844
James Strathgeld: Part of an Autobiography Rickett, Sir Joseph Compton 1873
James Sullivan: or, Ready for the Turn of t... Stebbing, Grace 1877
James the Second: or, The Revolution of 168... Ainsworth, William Harrison 1848
James Vraille: The Story of a Life Marston, Jeffery Charles 1890

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