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The Atonement of Leam Dundas Linton, Eliza Lynn 1876
The Attache: or, Sam Slick in England Haliburton, Thomas Chandler 1843
The Attractive Man: A Novel Trollope, Frances Milton 1846
The Author's Daughter Spence, Catherine Helen 1868
The Autobiography of a Boy Street, George Slythe 1894
The Autobiography of a Charwoman Wakeman, Annie 1900
The Autobiography of a Joint-Stock Company Rowsell, Edward P. 1861
The Autobiography of a Slander Lyall, Edna 1887
The Autobiography of a Truth Lyall, Edna 1896
The Autobiography of Christopher Kirkland Linton, Eliza Lynn 1885
The Autobiography of Jack Ketch Whitehead, Charles 1835
The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford: Disse... White, William Hale 1881
The Autobiography of Thomas Allen Brookfield, Arthur Montagu 1882
The Avenger: or, The Oath of Blood. A Germa... Spindler, Carl 1840
The Avenger of Blood Cobban, James Maclaren 1895
The Avenging of Hiram: A Comedy which might... Coll, Bennett 1892
The Avenging of Ruthanna Bettany, Jeanie Gwynne 1900
The Awakening of Anthony Weir Hocking, Silas Kitto 1901
The Awakening of Helena Thorpe Esler, Erminda Rentoul 1901
The Awkward Age James, Henry 1899
The Awkward Squads and Other Stories Bullock, Shan 1893
The Ayres of Studleigh Swan, Annie S. 1891
The Baby's Grandmother Walford, L. B. 1884
The Bachelor Brookfield, Arthur Montagu 1879
The Bachelor Vicar of Newforth Harcourt-Roe, Mrs. J. 1885
The Bachelor's Club Zangwill, Israel 1891
The Backslider: A Story of Today Smith, Constance Isabella S... 1896
The Baddington Peerage: Who Won, and Who Wo... Sala, George Augustus 1860
The Baffled Conspirators: A Novel Norris, William Edward 1890
The Bag of Diamonds Fenn, George Manville 1887
The Bamboo Garden Mitford, Bertram 1896
The Ban of Maplethorpe Dering, Edward Heneage 1894
The Bane of a Life: A Novel Wright, Thomas 1870
The Banished: A Swabian Historical Tale Hauff, Wilhelm 1839
The Banishment of Jessop Blythe Hatton, Joseph 1895
The Banker's Wife: or, Court and City Gore, Catherine 1843
The Banker-Lord: A Novel Pisani, Marian 1840
The Bankers of St. Hubert, and Other Tales Ward, Sylvanus 1883
The Banner of Saint George: A Picture of Ol... Bramston, Mary Eliza 1901
The Banns of Marriage Cook, Edward Dutton 1875
The Banschee's Warning and Other Tales Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1894
The Bantoffs of Cherryton: A Story without ... Kean, Arthur 1883
The Bar Sinister: A Tale Collins, Charles Allston 1864
The Bar-Sinister: or, Memoirs of an Illegit... Lambert, Hon. Camden Elizabeth 1836
The Barber of Paris: or, Moral Retribution Kock, Paul de 1839
The Barnabys in America: or, Adventures of ... Trollope, Frances Milton 1843
The Baroness: A Dutch Story Peard, Frances Mary 1892
The Baronet's Family: A Novel Beale, Anne 1852
The Baronet's Sunbeam: A Novel W., A. C. 1870
The Barrys Bullock, Shan 1899
The Barton House Conspiracy: A Tale of 1886 Omond, George William Thomson 1892
The Bath Comedy Castle, Agnes 1900
The Battery and the Boiler: or, Adventures ... Ballantyne, R. M. 1883
The Battle Cross: A Romance of the Fourteen... Brent, John J. 1845
The Battle of Connemara O'Meara, Kathleen 1878
The Battle of Dorking: Reminiscences of a V... Chesney, Sir George Tomkyns 1871
The Battle of Life: A Love Story Dickens, Charles 1846
The Battle of the Moy: or, How Ireland Gain... Anonymous, 1883
The Battle of the Strong: A Romance of Two ... Parker, Sir Gilbert 1898
The Battle of the Waves: or, The Herring Boat Hamilton, Catherine Jane 1890
The Battle off Worthing: Why the Invaders n... A Captain of the Royal Navy, 1887
The Battle on the Bosphorus Armstrong, Francis Claudius 1855
The Battle-Field of Life Giberne, Agnes 1877
The Battles of Life. The Ironmaster Ohnet, Georges 1884
The Bayonet that Came Home: A Vanity of Mod... Williams, Neil Wynn 1896
The Beach of Falesá: Being the Narrative o... Stevenson, Robert Louis 1892
The Beads of Tasmer Barr, Amelia E. 1893
The Bear King: A Narrative Confided to the ... Greenwood, James 1868
The Beauclercs Father and Son: A Novel Clarke, Charles 1867
The Beautiful Demon: A Romance Hayward, William Stephens 1864
The Beautiful Face: A Tale Mitchell, Elizabeth Harcourt 1879
The Beautiful Mrs. Leach Graham, Winifred 1900
The Beautiful Soul Marryat, Florence 1894
The Beautiful White Devil Boothby, Guy 1896
The Beautiful Wretch; The Four Macnicols; T... Black, William 1881
The Beauty of Boscastle: A Melodramatic and... Ellis, Thomas Mullett 1893
The Beauty of the World: A Story of this Ge... Duffield, Alexander James 1885
The Beckoning Hand, and Other Stories Allen, Grant 1887
The Beckside Boggle and Other Lake Country ... Rea, Alice 1886
The Bee-Hunter: or, The Oak Openings Cooper, James Fenimore 1848
The Bee-Hunters Aimard, Gustave 1864
The Beetle: A Mystery Marsh, Richard 1897
The Beggar's Benison: or, A Hero, without a... Mills, George 1866
The Beggars (Les Gueux): or, The Founders o... Liefde, Jacob B. de 1868
The Begum's Fortune Verne, Jules 1880
The Belfry of St. Jude: A Story Stuart, Esmé 1880
The Believing Bishop Hird, James Dennis 1901
The Bell and the Doctor: A Novel Shairp, Thomas 1882
The Bell-Ringer of Angel's Harte, Bret 1894
The Belle of Belgravia: A Novel Garrett, George W. 1873
The Belle of the Ball: A Novel Pickersgill, William 1863
The Belle of the Family: or, The Jointure: ... Grey, Catherine Maria 1843
The Belle of the Village Mills, John 1852
The Belle of Toorak Hornung, Ernest William 1900
The Bells of St. Paul's Besant, Walter 1889
The Belstone: A Novel Gloag, John Austin Lake 1881
The Belton Estate Trollope, Anthony 1866
The Benefactress Arnim, Elizabeth von 1901
The Bertram Family Charles, Elizabeth Rundle 1876
The Bertrams: A Novel Trollope, Anthony 1859

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