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Title Author Year
Niccolo Marini: or, The Mystery Solved. A T... Cox, Charlotte Selina 1862
Nicholas and Mary and Other Milton Folk Gilchrist, Robert Murray 1899
Nick of the Woods: A Story of Kentucky Bird, Robert Montgomery 1837
Nicolai's Marriage: A Picture of Danish Life Scharling, Carl Henrik 1876
Nigel Browning Giberne, Agnes 1890
Nigel Ferrard Robins, Gertrude Minnie 1899
Nigel Fortescue: or, The Hunted Man. An And... Westall, William Bury 1888
Night and Day: A Novel Savile, Hon. Charles Stuart 1860
Night and Day: or, Better Late than Never Bennett, John 1858
Night and Morning Lytton, Edward Bulwer 1841
Nightshade: A Novel Johnston, William 1857
Nina: A Tale for the Twilight Smedley, Menella Bute 1853
Nina Balatka: The Story of a Maiden of Prague Trollope, Anthony 1867
Nineteen Hundred?: A Forecast and a Story Hearn, Mary Anne 1892
Nineteen Thousand Pounds Delannoy, H. Burford 1901
Ninette: An Idyll of Provence Dempster, Charlotte Louisa ... 1888
Ninety-Eight: Being the Recollections of Co... Hill, John 1897
Ninety-Three Hugo, Victor 1874
Ninfa: A Tale, from the German Grant, Louisa Keir 1848
No Alternative: A Novel Thomas, Annie 1874
No Ambition Sergeant, Adeline 1895
No Appeal: A Novel BTAO "No Appeal", 1870
No Church Robinson, Frederick William 1861
No Compromise Hetherington, Helen F. 1892
No Easy Task Francis, Mark 1866
No Fatherland Oppen, Isabella von 1872
No Hero, But a Man Thomas, Annie 1894
No Heroes Howard, Blanche Willis 1894
No Intentions: A Novel Marryat, Florence 1874
No Love Lost! Randolph, Catherine Emily B... 1876
No Man's Friend Robinson, Frederick William 1867
No Medium: A Novel Thomas, Annie 1885
No Name Collins, Wilkie 1862
No New Thing Norris, William Edward 1883
No Other Way Besant, Walter 1902
No Place Like Home Stretton, Hesba 1881
No Place of Repentance Hayward, Gertrude M. 1892
No Proof: A Detective Story Van Deventer, Emma 1895
No Quarter: A Romance Reid, Capt. Mayne 1887
No Relations Corner, Julia 1864
No Relations Malot, Hector 1880
No Saint: A Study Sergeant, Adeline 1886
No Sense like Common Sense: or, Some Passag... Howitt, Mary 1843
No Sign and Other Tales Hoey, Frances Cashel 1876
No Soul above Money Raymond, Walter 1899
No Surrender Werner, Elizabert 1879
No Surrender!: A Tale of the Rising in La V... Henty, George Alfred 1900
No Vindication Bettany, Jeanie Gwynne 1901
No Work No Bread Stretton, Hesba 1875
No. 5 John Street Whiting, Richard 1899
No. 99: A Novel Griffiths, Major Arthur Geo... 1885
No. XIII: or, The Story of the Lost Vestal Marshall, Emma 1885
Noah's Ark: or, "Mornings at the Zoo." Bein... Robinson, Philip Stewart 1882
Nobler than Revenge Stuart, Esmé 1901
Noblesse Oblige: An English Story of To-Day Keddie, Henrietta 1870
Nobly Born Worboise, Emma Jane 1871
Nobly False: A Novel Allan, James McGrigor 1863
Nobly Won: A Novel Burry, Bessie Pullen 1888
Nobody's Fault Syrett, Netta 1896
Nobody's Fortune: A Novel Yates, Edmund Hodgson 1872
Nobody's Girls Keddie, Henrietta 1890
Nobody's Neighbours Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1882
Noddebo Parsonage: Country Life in Denmark Scharling, Carl Henrik 1866
Noel: or, It Was to Be Baker, Robert 1865
Noel Chetwynd's Fall: A Novel Needell, Mary Anne 1888
Noel Vanstone: A Novel Wilton, Mrs. Frederick 1882
Noémi: A Story of Rock-dwellers Baring-Gould, Sabine 1895
Nonpareil House: or, The Fortunes of Julian... Curling, Capt. Henry 1855
Nor Love Nor Lands: A Novel Griffith, Cecil 1873
Nor Wife Nor Maid Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe 1892
Nora Ponsonby, Lady Emily 1870
Nora and Archibald Lee: A Novel Blagden, Isa 1867
Nora Creina Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe 1893
Nora Lester Howarth, Anna 1902
Nora's Love Test Hay, Mary Cecil 1876
Nora's Trial Anonymous, 1866
Norah Dalrymple: A Woman's Story Anonymous, 1850
Norah Lange: The Mine Girl. A Story of Vill... Hocking, Salome 1886
Norah Moriarty: or, Revelations of Modern I... Rowan, Anne Margaret 1886
Norman: or, Inherited Fate Constable, Frank Challice 1894
Norman and I Cousins, Kate 1890
Norman Leslie: A Tale of the Present Times Fay, Theodore Sedgwick 1835
Norman Sinclair Aytoun, William Edmondstoune 1861
Norman Vallery: or, How to Overcome Evil wi... Kingston, William Henry Giles 1880
Norman's Bridge: or, The Modern Midas Marsh, Anne 1847
Norman's Inheritance: or, The Young Crusaders Kenyon, Edith C. 1894
Normanstowe: A Novel Courtauld, Sarah Lucy 1895
Normanton Mott, Albert Julius 1862
North and South Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn 1855
North of the Tweed: or, Lorance Langton: Hi... Crowberry, Daniel 1867
Northam Cloisters Cornish, Blanche Warre 1882
Northborough Cross Cornford, Leslie Cope 1901
Northern Roses: A Yorkshire Story Ellis, Sarah Stickney 1868
Northwode Priory: A Tale Cornish, Miss 1857
Norton Hall: A Tale Mitchell, Elizabeth Harcourt 1882
Norvin of the Tower: A Novel Davies, Naunton Wingfield 1876
Norwood: Life in New England Beecher, Henry Ward 1867
Not a Heroine: A Novel Brookfield, Jane Octavia 1873
Not a Moment to Spare Davidson, Hugh Coleman 1891
Not All in Vain: A Novel Cambridge, Ada 1892

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